Why I’ll be watching The Masters from my iPad or iPhone 6 this weekend

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As a sports fan a few weeks ago was my favorite time of year, March Madness. I’ve been filling out a bracket since I was probably 8 years old and have loved watching basketball all day long for 4 days. This year I had a few things to get done on Saturday that would take me away from my home and true love for a few hours, but no worry I had my iPad and iPhone 6 by my side to help me stay up on the action and stream games when I was able.

This has become the norm in our lives. Whether its TV Everywhere viewing like March Madness where you need to login with your cable/satellite info, or passing your phone over to your kid to watch YouTube while you are at the super market, Mobile is widely becoming the best way to view video.

Mobile video viewing will overtake desktop in share of online video viewing by 2016. That is the stat that led our most recent Q1 Digital Video analysis from Adobe Digital Index. Slowly but surely mobile has been chipping away at desktops for our viewing pleasure.

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The introduction of the iPhone 6 and other large screen devices has escalated the growth of mobile and may in the end overtake tablets. In the meantime, with TV Everywhere segment of online video viewing, iPads remain the device of choice, but don’t sleep on OTT devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. Those devices are growing fast and are slowly replacing the PC as the device of choice in the living room.

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The growth of both mobile devices and TV Everywhere viewing should in the front of mind for advertisers. If my personal viewing of online video is any indication, there is definitely a lack of digital ad inventory for video. While viewing an episode of a show I missed a few weeks ago, I saw the same ad 3 times in a 60 minute period.

Digital video continues to grow and it provides a great way for ad targeting and tracking that traditional TV simply can’t. As a consumer it gives me the great ability to not miss any moment from multi-day events while at a family party or from my mechanics office, and that is why this weekend, much like the first chart, more than 50% of my viewing of the Masters will be on my iPad or iPhone 6.


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