What people aren’t doing during the Super Bowl.

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A few weeks ago I was researching several different stats for the Super Bowl and then a colleague asked what does the Super Bowl take away from? If consumers are completely engaged with the big game surely they aren’t shopping, booking travel, or browsing on the internet as much. I went ahead and looked into this a bit and found the following.

The Super Bowl feeds social for Media and Automotive industries but takes away from retail and travel

For both retail and travel you can see there is a decline in both interaction with posts and post impressions for both the retail and travel industries when compared with an average Sunday. This could be a result of both consumers not choosing to engage with these brands and also these brands just deciding not to put advertisements out there during a high noise time.

The Automotive and Media industries which both have high visibility during the big game both see incremental increases in interaction and impressions during the game.

Facebook post average interaction on Super Bowl

Facebook post impressions on Super Bowl

Super bowl takes away from website visits and revenue for retail and travel

Website visits overall are down 5% on the Super Bowl when compared with an average Sunday. Travel and retail sites are hit the hardest down 18% and 9% respectively. This leads to a decrease in revenue on travel sites (9%) and retail sites (24%) when compared with an average Sunday.

Facebook website revenue on the Super Bowl

TV Everywhere consumption down overall but all sports channels benefit from football

Consumers shift their attention from binge viewing episodes of Breaking Bad when the Super Bowl is on. Overall TV Everywhere consumption is 15% below is average Sunday mark on Super Bowl Sunday. The other interesting mention is that the average sports genre for TV Everywhere gets a nice boost of 28% during the day.

TV-e consumption on the Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl being so sport and advertising centric, especially for media and automotive companies, marketers need to be aware of the trends happening in 2015 to try and make the best of the white noise that is created during the big game. This will help to breakthrough the competition and find a voice with consumers.


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